Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Introducing Myself 6/10/09

Welcome to my *NEW* Skin Care home! After loosing all the work I put into aol journal for skin care, it has taken some time and thought of retyping so much once again. But as passion would have it, how in the world could I refuse myself and my friends.
Truth is, I absolutely adore my career as an Esthetician! It is very true what they say about getting up in the morning with happiness to work! Although I never really looked at it much like "work".

Skin Care has always been a deep interest of mine since the time I was young. However, when I was young there was no such career as "Esthetician". In fact, there were very few Dermatologists! If you had a skin problem, you mostly went to your family Doctor. Also back in the day (I have to lol on that) the solutions for acne or problematic skin did not work well and were very costly. Since I was a teen with acne, this was highly troublesome. I can remember my face looking as if it had a rash. Thankfully I did not have vulgaric acne except a couple that I did get on my back. Gosh those hurt! So I always felt compassion for those that had this form of acne on their face. Vulgaric acne is the condition that form scars and leave pitting on the surface of the skin.

My parents as most parents did, took me to see our Doctor. He said, it was harmonal changes and I would eventually grow out of it once they settled. He gave me prescriptions at a high cost that did not work and I remember this so vividly because I was just crushed my skin was getting no better. My father was a very successful Barber in our community. So he sat me down one day and began discussing what he learned in Barber school about skin and his experiences with his clients. Which really was alot of help for me to understand more of what was happening to my own skin.

My dad talked to me about skin oil, how dirt clings to it and clogs the pores causing eruptions. How hot compresses would liquify and make extracting easier without hurting the skins surface. We discussed cleanliness and how important it is to not only prevent infection when extracting but clogging of pores as well. Then we discussed makeup usage and how that had a huge impact on those same clogs.

Being a teenage girl and very into makeup. I tried to figure out how I could use makeup and still keep my skin clean. So I began a daily ritual of washing my face in the morning, at school after lunch, when I got home from school and right before I went to bed. My skin regime was wash wash wash!!! Then to my surprise Cover Girl came out with a product called Cover Girl 1, 2 and 3. The numbers stood for skin color type. Their product was not makeup, it was medication for acne skin. But it was tinted medication and could be worn as makeup. Halaluja!!! It was as if I stuck a gold mine!! I kept with my ritual of washing faithfully and each time I would re-apply my new "makeup" treatment! Wasn't too long, it seems less than 6 months. My problem with acne was solved! I could not have been more thankful as I was then! I always attributed my new found skin to my daddy and Cover Girl!

I have not seen this Cover Girl makeup since my teen yrs and that is such a shame! I have thought about writing to them as an Esthetician and giving them my testimonial to their long lost product but just haven't done it yet. Maybe I will here soon because they really do need to bring that back! What with the environmental problems we all face with our skin these days. I feel its a product that needs to be re-introduced especially to teens!! Our teen yrs are so important to our confidence but you know, confidence is something adults need as well! There is nothing like being complimented on having beautiful skin for the very first time! Every single one of us deserve this and CAN ACHIEVE this goal with some time and effort along with good advice.

I will be posting not only on skincare but also on full body care. Since full body care is all a part of feeling beautiful it also relaxes the facial muscles by relieving stress and tension. By doing this we fight lines and wrinkles. My best friend is a Licensed Nail tech so I will be gathering good info from her to share with you. Some of my best memories at work before striking out on my own, was working in the same day spa. It was one of the more "elite" day spas in our area.
I have worked in a few of them along the way but that one I still miss. I tried working for two different Drs. but it was just not the same for me. One Dr. was a Dermatologist and the other was a Cosmetic Surgeon. Neither medical field gave me as much joy. However, I truly believe if I could of figured out what I wanted to do long long ago. I probably would have chosen Dermatology for a career.

Which brings me to my intro conclusion as to why I am opening this blog! I want to help YOU! I will be sharing my knowlege and experiences with you here along with products that I know work! I will never guide you somewhere that lead you to feeling less satisfied with results. However, I cannot do it alone! YOU have to help me help you!! You have to be just as diligent with your skin care regime as I was when I was a teen! I can honestly promise you a day when someone says "your skin is so pretty, what do you use?" PROMISE YOU!!! How can I do this?? I can do this because I KNOW of skin care products that actually WORK!!

So stay with me and ask all the questions you want or need to! I would love to help!!
Yours Sincerely,


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