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Skin, Makeup Tips ~ Home Remedies

Squalene is pure olive oil extract that echoes our skin's natural moisturizer, sebum. Thirsty skin soaks it in after a few minutes, leaving your face (and chest, and hands, and elbows) smoother and more even-toned. I have added squalene to many of the facials I have done. It is a great "carrier" when you are needing deep penetration of products with immediate results. It was always wonderful during the facial, neck and shoulder massage as well. You can find Squalene where you find other essential oils and herbs.

BELOW are some things I found on the net I found of interest and thought you might as well.


Light Skin Undertones
Light skin has either pink or yellow undertones. To determine yours, follow this guide: If you have a lot of redness or an allover pink tint to your skin, you have pink undertones. If your skin is fairly even and you tan easily, you have yellow undertones.

Medium Skin Undertones
Woman with medium skin usually have olive undertones.

Dark Skin Undertones
Women with darker skin tones tend to either be a little golden in undertone or more reddish, so keep that in mind when selecting foundation shades.

Find Your Match
At the cosmetics counter, choose three shades of foundation that are as close to your natural skin tone as possible. Apply a stripe of each shade near your jaw line, and whichever blends the easiest into your skin is the best match.

Prime Your Canvas
Once you find the perfect shade of foundation, prep skin with a luminizing face primer. "It just makes the skin nice and smooth so when you apply the foundation, it'll just glide right on. Also if you use a dual active powder foundation, this will extend the wear time and coverage.

For the most even application, use a foundation sponge to lightly feather foundation across your skin. This will ensure you get even coverage.

Tip:If you don't like an allover application, you can always spot-apply foundation only where you need it most.

Tip:Many women with darker skin tones tend to have areas of their faces that are a little darker than the rest. If you still have any dark areas after you apply foundation, just even them out by pushing the foundation sponge into the skin. This just adds a slightly heavier layer of foundation on the darker areas so your whole face looks even.

Conceal Flaws
Apply your concealer after your foundation. If you put it on before, your foundation will just wipe it off. "Pick up the concealer with a fine-tipped concealer brush .. remember to use the smallest amount possible. Gently dab onto any flaws.

Tip:To conceal a blemish .. mix foundation and concealer together on your wrist or the back of your hand.

Tip, continued:To finish, lightly layer the mixture directly onto the blemish with a concealer brush until it's completely covered, then gently tap it with your finger to blend slightly and make the blemish disappear.

Undereye Concealer
Gently dab concealer to camouflage any darkness under eyes using your ring finger, which ensures you apply feather-light pressure.

Final Step
Applying powder on top of a liquid foundation gets rid of any shine and sets your foundation to last all day long. Use a fluffy brush to lightly dust powder across your face .. this helps set the look without smudging your makeup.

Tip:Women who have oily skin should take note: You don't want to powder off and on all day because this will make your foundation heavy looking and uneven. Instead, if you see a little shine, use blotting papers to absorb the excess oil.


Home Hair Care~ Try using hand cream to seal split ends. It works as well as expensive deep conditioning treatments and split end mending products. Use on dry hair only.

~ Instead of buying expensive spray on leave in conditioner, get a spray bottle and put water in it then add your favorite regular conditioner that you use when you wash your hair, swirl it around to mix. If it won't spray, add a little more water. You'll have to experiment a little since the amounts vary depending on the conditioner you use. It's much cheaper though!!!

~ To get styling products build up out of your hair, add 1/2 tsp baking soda to shampoo and use 2 times a week.

Skin~ You can fight skin blemishes with baking soda instead of acne creams. Add enough water to the baking soda to make a paste and apply to blemishes at bedtime to dry up pimples fast. ~ Use hair conditioner to shave your legs; it makes them softer than normal shaving cream and gives a close shave.~*

~ Mayo Moisturising Mask ~*~ Ingredients:- 2 Tabls. Full Fat Mayo- 1 Tsp. Baby Oil*** Directions:~ Mix all ingredients well. Spread onto face and neck elbows knees wherever you need some extra moisture, and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with tepid water.

~ Cold Cream on eyelashes and brows keeps soap out of eyes while shampooing. ~ Soaking for a minute or two in cold soap suds makes it easier to remove rings from swollen fingers.

~ If your hands are really greasy and grimey, use a little dishwashing soap with a little sugar in your hand to scrub them clean.

~ 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil (pure, grade A) mixed in with a small amount of chemical-free lotion applied to sunburn will take away hot, burning pain.

~ If you have rough dry, sometimes darker skin on your elbows ? Try the cheap stuff first. "Carmex" in the little white and yellow jar. Use it once in the morning and once at night. Rub it in good. Use it for about 3-4 days or longer and see what happens.

~ Use Vaseline on bruises - it helps to make them heal faster! If applied as soon as you hit your self will probably stop them from showing at all. Carry small tube in purse to apply on a small child where ever you are

~ Wash your hands with a little hand lotion and a little liquid soap. The results are soft hands with no residue from the hand lotion on them. ~ Use Talcum Powder when Shaving Dry. Results - No razor burn and Soft skin!

~ Use Talcum Powder to get the sand off your skin at the beach or local playground. It takes sand off big and little bodies like magic!!! Simply rub powder all over and the sand falls off!!

~ Use a little salt when washing your hands to remove strong odors. Make sure you don't have any cuts or scrapes first!~ Diaper rash Cream (such as Desitin) softens feet. Rub it into your feet real good then put cotton socks on

~ Make your own Liquid Soap - Take that last sliver of your fragrant bar soap (at least the size of a silver dollar) and mix with one cup hot water and let disolve. Mix well! You will have your favorite fragrant liquid soap. Works in any liquid soap dispenser!Nails

~ If you chip, break or snag a fingernail and you find yourself without a nail file handy, just grab a box or book of matches. Use the little rough part that you strike the matches on to file your nail. It works great!

~ If you dont have a nail file when you chip or break a nail you can use a rock to smooth the jagged edges so you dont tear the nail any further until you get home.

~ Want your perfume or body spray sent to last all day? Put on lotion of the same sent on first and then apply the perfume/body spray and it will last practically the whole day.


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