Sunday, August 22, 2010

How To Get Christina Aguilera's Lush Lashes

How To Get Christina Aguilera's Lush Lashes
by Grace Gold

Christina Aguilera's
much discussed soft look at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards was due in part to feathery false eye lashes. Photo: Getty ImagesHollywood is a town filled with smoke and mirrors, and often even the most natural of celebrity beauty looks is in reality enhanced with secret tricks.

Christina Aguilera has never shied away from a bold red lip or dramatic look, it's false lashes that she turns to in order to pull off gentler looks with the same amount of red carpet glamour.

And we hear that not only does Aguilera apply strip lashes to her top lash line, but she also enhances her bottom rim with individual lashes for a feminine, feathery look.
Kre-At Beauty's Sweet Individuals, to be exact.

New York makeup artist
Andrew Sotomayor says the key to pulling off a look that makes people think, 'Is she, or isn't she?' is to go for lashes that have differing lengths and wispy ends that mimic the look of long, thick lashes that naturally grow at different rates. "Strips can look fake when all the lashes are the same length and thickness," says Sotomayor.Whether you're applying lashes to the top or bottom lash line, Sotomayor recommends you squeeze a drop of lash glue on to the back of the box and use a toothpick or brush handle tip to evenly spread the glue along the band. Give it a moment to get tacky, and repeat for extra adhesion. Then work from the outter corner inwards, either pushing down a strip at the band or applying individual sprigs."For the most natural and blended look, first apply eyeliner, curl your own lashes and apply mascara. Apply false lashes, curl and add another coat of mascara. A coat of liquid or gel liner hides the band and dresses up your look," advises Sotomayor.And when it comes time to remove, resist the urge to just peel the lashes off -- or else risk taking some of your own off with them. Instead, hold a cotton ball soaked with eye makeup remover over a closed eye for a moment, and then gently peel off the lashes after the glue has dissipated.

If you handle lashes carefully and allow them to dry out after each use, you can often sneak up to three to five uses out of a single pair.Because while we may be able to get Christina Aguilera's lashes, we sure don't get her paycheck.


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