Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sleep Support For Your Breasts

"A few years ago, I began to notice the appearance of wrinkles in my cleavage area. No matter how much I used creams or exercised, the creases didn’t go away. So I began to research the cause and learned a lot. Because I sleep on my side – like millions of women do – I learned that gravity and the pressure of my breasts resting on top of each other while sleeping was the culprit. I consulted several physicians and found that there were no products available in the market that support a side-sleeping woman’s breasts, without the use of a bra, adhesives or restrictive clothing. My quest had begun.

The more that I learned, the more I was inspired to develop a product that would not only offer beauty benefits, but support the needs of side-sleeping women. While health care professionals recommend side-sleeping for proper spine alignment, a woman’s breasts often make sleeping in this position uncomfortable. And women everywhere can benefit from a good night’s sleep!

After researching, designing and carefully testing my product, I’m very pleased with the results – and I hope that you will be, too. Not only does Kush offer more natural rest for the breasts for a more comfortable sleep, it helps to prevent the appearance of cleavage lines and wrinkles. I sleep better at night and I feel better about my appearance during the day. Kush is a dream come true."

Cathinka Chandler CEO Kush

Kush Becomes Part of Your Body
After comprehensive research and testing, Kush was developed as an anatomically contoured accessory offering both health and beauty benefits. Made from a lightweight plastic with a slip-resistant outer coating, Kush is uniquely designed to fit between the breasts to maintain a more natural shape while resting on your side. No straps, no underwires, no constraints, no adhesives and no garments needed - the slip-resistant surface and contoured shape help keep Kush in place as a woman rolls from one side to the other during sleep.

Supports Like a Dream
Providing millions of women with the opportunity for a more restful and natural sleep, Kush Supports Like A Dream.

Support For Sleepers
While side-sleeping is recommended by healthcare professionals for proper spine alignment, the breasts rest on top of each other due to gravity and pressure forces. Kush comforts and supports and is so light you won't even feel it's there.

Support For Beauty
As women age, wrinkles and folds can form between the breasts. Kush gently supports the weight of breasts, relieving the pressure to help prevent wrinkles and creases in the cleavage area.

Support For Pregnancy/Nursing/Menstrual Cycles
Pregnancy, menstrual cycles and nursing can cause the size and shape of a woman's breasts to change and enlarge. By using Kush for support during those tender, sore and sensitive nights, you'll enjoy a more restful and comfortable sleep.

Support For Recovery
During the post-operative recovery period, soreness and discomfort can prevent a comfortable, restful sleep necessary for healing. Patients of breast augmentations, implants, lifts, reductions, reconstructions and lumpectomies can benefit from the extra support Kush provides.

Support For Life
It's estimated that one-third of your life will be spent sleeping. Without additional support, many women will suffer from the impact of poor sleeping positions, restless nights and unsightly wrinkles in the cleavage area. Kush is a non-invasive accessory that provides a natural rest for the breasts.


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